Office-sharing giant sees no reason why children can’t launch their own businesses.

Earlier this month, WeWork issued a press release detailing their plans to launch WeGrow, an entrepreneurial school that aims to help children become self-aware, empowered and compassionate creators. According to WeWork, the plan is to “reimagine the very idea of a classroom as elementary school-age children begin to identify their callings and apprentice under employees and members already living that dream.”

Founding Partner and Chief Brand Officer Rebekah Neumann said in a statement: “I am continuously blown away by how evolved children are, how far ahead of us they are in so many ways. They are natural humanitarians, entrepreneurs, and artists. They are in touch with the magical, that thing that is greater than any one of us, and they grow—every single day.”

The planned curriculum will be designed around local cultures and environments so learning can be more hands-on and experiential. WeWork plans to open the first school next fall in New York for children aged three through nine.

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