As more Canadians start their own side hustle, employers need to look at how to embrace their side hustlers without compromising the full-time hustle.

From having their own Shopify store, to freelancing on weekends, Canadian side hustles are on the rise.

Many of these side hustlers’ are working in the start-up space, so it’s important for these employers to embrace their employees’ entrepreneurial aims. Not only will this help foster a creative culture in the workplace, but it allows for a mutual respect to develop between employers and employees over shared challenges in the entrepreneurial world.

The fear behind embracing employee side hustles is understandable. There is a great concern amongst employers that employees will work on their side hustle during the day instead of the work they are paid to do by the company.

But by hiring smart people and respecting their abilities, strong employees will complete their work, and complete it well, even if they take a few minutes during break periods to check their emails or monitor their side hustle’s social media metrics.

Another concern with employers encouraging side hustles is the idea that an employee will leave in order to pursue their business full-time. In reality, employees leave their job for a number of reasons. If they have full-time entrepreneurial goals in mind, they will likely branch out in order to launch their own business whether their employer supported them or not.

However, by supporting the side hustles of your employees, employers can discover skillsets they never knew their employees had. Some start-ups are also using it as a recruiting tool by showcasing employee wins outside of the office.