With traditional workplaces continuing to be disrupted by technology, automation and changing lifestyle habits, it’s no surprise that 45% of Canadians are predicted to be self-employed by 2020.

As job security continues to rapidly diminish, self-employment has become more lucrative as this lifestyle often promises benefits such as flexibility, the ability to be your own boss and choice of work.

But, what happens when becoming a full-time entrepreneur is currently not a viable option for you? Perhaps you may not be financially ready or maybe you’d like the opportunity to test your skills before you take the leap. Whatever your current situation may be, it’s not necessary to give up on entrepreneurship completely until you’re self-employed.

In fact, one of the best decisions you can make right now for your career is proactively choosing to become an intrapreneur. An intrapreneur is someone who acts as an “inside entrepreneur” – driving innovation and creativity while working within an organization as an employee.

Here are five benefits of intrapreneurship and how it will make you an even stronger entrepreneur when the time comes:

Strengthen your communication skills

As you bring new, innovative ideas into your workplace, you may often find yourself explaining your thought process and how your ideas will positively contribute to the company’s bottom line. Use those opportunities to strengthen both your written and oral communication skills as they’ll certainly prove useful when building and scaling your business.

Identify your key strengths

When you choose to become self-employed, your success as an entrepreneur is heavily dependent on your strengths. Through working with different people and leading various projects, you will be able to pinpoint your strengths and further cultivate them either through additional projects and/or education so when it’s time to build, grow and scale your business – you’ll hit the ground running!

Develop strong leadership skills

Strong leadership skills are a key attribute of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Don’t wait until you’re hiring your first team member to become a leader – use any chance you currently have at work to step up and lead a project and/or team. Through those experiences, you’ll get a good sense of your leadership capabilities (both through your own personal observations and feedback from colleagues) and you can refine and strengthen as required.

Uncover unique business ideas

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about pursuing entrepreneurship but you don’t yet have a viable business idea. When you begin to approach your role at work with an intrapreneurial mindset, you’ll become more analytical towards how you think about your industry, competitive industries and the processes used to complete projects or simple tasks. In turn, you may find yourself devising unique solutions (far beyond the capabilities of your current role) that could serve as your initial starting point for a new business venture. Need additional ideas? Check out Futurpreneur’s entrepreneurship pathway as a free and helpful resource!

Build clout among colleagues and senior leadership

As you successfully implement innovative ideas within your workplace, you’ll begin to build a positive reputation for yourself among your fellow colleagues and senior leadership. Be sure to maintain these relationships and your reputation as they can become valuable advocates (and potentially clients and customers!) when you’re running your own full-time business.

Remember, developing an entrepreneurial mindset is something you can commit to developing right now and your current workplace can serve as the perfect training ground. Through becoming an intrapreneur at work (and, of course, staying up-to-date with the content on Work is Changing), you’ll feel confident and well-prepared for self-employment.