As the ways we work change, so do our office spaces.

In order to meet the growing needs of freelancers, remote workers, start-ups and side hustlers, coworking spaces have grown in popularity. These new work environments offer the comforts of a traditional office with the flexibility and cost-savings that comes with a shared space. Coworking spaces also help foster community amongst their members, preventing feelings of isolation that non-office workers often experience, while allowing for organic collaboration, innovation and creativity unparalleled to any networking event.

Their surge in popularity has drawn the attention of major corporations as they recognize the current shift in the way we work. Looking to align their brand image with the popularity of coworking and improve employee satisfaction, while reducing real estate costs, more and more big businesses are joining coworking spaces.

Working next to fellow gig economy workers allows for more natural ways of socializing and knowledge sharing than forced events in crowded spaces. Though networking still provides value to workers of all industries, coworking turns the traditional model on its head.

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